Does Anyone Really Need USB Gaming Headphones?

The sound of gaming has been revolutionized with USB gaming headphones. Well several people out there regard the quality of these headphones as subpar to the headphone jack gaming headsets; for example, they think they aren’t of great quality, or that they’re not always supported by games, and that they’re sensitive to interference. These rumours are simply not true, USB headphones are the future of gaming sound.

So, let’s address some of these rumors on USB gaming headsets and see how they stack up in relation to other headphones on the market?

  1. “USB headset have worse audio compared to a 3.5mm headphone jack headset”

The major difference between 3.5mm headphone jacks is that they directly transfer stereo sound from the jack; therefore, there are less components to worry about regarding the headphones. USB headphones, on the other hand send audio information through a connection and sometimes, this connection causes bad audio sound.

The truth is, though, that like with anything in life, buying the cheapest version of a product often proves to be of bad quality. There are several reasons as to why one needs to buy good headphones and among these reasons is that cheap USB headphones often have bad sound quality. Good headphones, on the other hand, provide excellent sound quality with the perk of not having to trip over wires on when you take a water break.

  1. “3.5mm headphones are universal and I do not have to worry about compatibility. Where as USB has lots of compatibility issues”

Although 3.5mm headphone jacks were once considered the standard they have been replaced by USB. USB can supply more power to the headset which means headsets can now have their own soundcards which can produce special features like virtual surround sound. Where 3.5mm headphones do not have a built in soundcard and if your machine does not have one that, that means you have to spend extra money to buy and install a soundcard.

A major benefit of owning a USB headset is that it cancels more noise than the 3.5mm headphones. Not only this, but they are also compatible with Xbox and you can speak with them on the PS3. This means that whether you’re playing by yourself or with multiple people, you’ll have an excellent gaming experience.

  1. “USB is more expensive and does not improve my sound compared to the standard 3.5mm headphone jack headsets which I can find for super cheap”

It is often more expensive to buy USB gaming headphones compared to analogue headsets; however, buying them is worth it in the end because as long as you buy a good digital to analogue converter, you’ll have exceptional sound.

USB gaming headsets are the way of the future. As our society moves further into the digital age, these innovative headphones pave the way for all kinds of new technology. Overall, these headphones are more expensive if you buy a pair of good quality; however, they shine above the standard 3.5mm headphones which are currently on the market.