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GamersDigital > Products > Accessories > Wireless Keyboard ChatPad for Xbox One/S White with USB Receiver with Audio/Headset Jack
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Wireless Keyboard ChatPad for Xbox One/S White with USB Receiver with Audio/Headset Jack


Time To Upgrade Your Xbox Controller!

We present you with the Gamers Digital 2.4 GHz mini wireless chat pad a must-have accessory for Xbox One games or apps. Our chat is compatible with all Xbox One controller versions, including the Elite.

This chat pad is great for multi-player communication games.

Our keyboard is the fastest and most efficient way to send text messages, add character names and descriptions for custom decals, car designs, or any other inputs necessary for your game. You can play, type, text and search with unparalleled ease on our full Qwerty chatpad. With a wireless range up to 30 feet, you can search movies in Netflix, play MMOs and RPGs, enjoy streaming games on Twitch, and do much more right from your couch or bed.

Additional Features
A 3.5mm Audio jack port that allows you to connect your headphones, earphones or headset (FOR CONTROLLERS WITH A 3.5 MM INPUT).
When not in use the audio jack folds into keyboard.
No batteries or charging required: the keypad is automatically powered by the controller to which is connected
Made of impact resistant ABS to withstand drops and shocks. .

Don’t Hold Back Any Longer!

We know that you want the 2.4GHz wireless chat pad, but something is holding you back. We’re about to make all of your doubts disappear, with our 1 year satisfaction warranty. You read that right!

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