Xbox One Controller Rechargeable Battery Pack Kit w/ Micro USB Charging Cable

Stop wasting money on batteries and enjoy long gaming sessions between recharges with the Gamers Digital Xbox One Controller Rechargeable Battery Pack. By adding this plug-and-charge pack to your gaming controller, you can immerse yourself in more action-packed adventures without losing power at crucial moments. The Gamers Digital Xbox One Controller Rechargeable Battery Pack is a NiMH Battery that delivers … Read More

PS4 Dual Charging Station

Are you tired of your PS4 console taking too much space from your living room? If your answer is yes, we have the ultimate solution for you! Get this great combo now that features a 4in1 design: a PS4 console vertical stand, a dual cooling fan, a dualshock charging station and a USB Hub! Get it now and save your … Read More

Xbox One 2.4G Mini Wireless Chatpad

The Gamers Digital Xbox One Mini Wireless Chatpad doesn’t require any batteries or even a charging cord; it is powered solely by the controller. Compatible with all Xbox One versions, including the Elite, this full QWERTY keyboard connects via the controller’s data port. For games that involve heavy multi-player communication the Gamers Digital Wireless Chatpad is the fastest, most efficient … Read More

Ultimate Ninja GD-50 Computer Gaming Headset

Use the high-sensitivity adjustable boom mic for in-game and online chat, and then push in to store it when listening to music and watching movies The Gamers Digital GD-50 features immersive 50mm Neodymium speakers to deliver great stereo sound with crisp highs and thundering lows The sleek, lightweight over-ear design with synthetic leather-wrapped ear-cushions allows you to play for hours … Read More