PlayStation 4 Controller Battery Pack – Rechargeable Power Bank

When you’re a gamer, you know that when you’ve got a hot hand in Call of Duty or you’re just trying to reach that next boss in Final Fantasy, you don’t want to stop or die because your controller runs out of power. That’s why you need the Gamers Digtal PlayStation 4 Controller Battery Pack, a premium power bank that … Read More

PS4 Bluetooth Chatpad

Gamers Digital PS4 Wireless Mini Keyboard lets you stop hopping back and forth between your gaming controller and your keyboard. This Bluetooth keypad provides the freedom to use texting capabilities while maintaining full gameplay functionality in one easy-to-hold device. The keyboard embeds perfectly without overriding the original functions of the PS4 controller. The Gamers Digital QWERTY keypad will greatly enhance … Read More

Ultimate Ninja GD-40 Computer Gaming Headset

Our premium gaming headset features ambient noise reducing and high-sensitivity adjustable folding style mic. Unparalleled performance and sleek design will make it your favorite audio gaming solution Make sure you own a gaming headset that provides crisp and crystal clear chat and audio quality, as well as stunning stereo sound. Ninja GD-40 headset features full-range Neodymium immersive 50mm speakers that … Read More

Silicone Studded Thumb Stick Grip Covers

These colorful covers fit perfectly over your existing thumb stick pads, making installation fast and easy with no tools and no worry of damaging your controller. Whether you’re playing an extended session of Call of Duty or enjoying a fun retro game of Frogger or PacMan, you can install your new pads and be back in the game in no … Read More