Does Anyone Really Need USB Gaming Headphones?

The sound of gaming has been revolutionized with USB gaming headphones. Well several people out there regard the quality of these headphones as subpar to the headphone jack gaming headsets; for example, they think they aren’t of great quality, or that they’re not always supported by games, and that they’re sensitive to interference. These rumours are simply not true, USB … Read More

New Game Mechanics

Game mechanics  are constructs of rules intended to produce a game or gameplay. All games use mechanics; however, theories and styles differ as to their ultimate importance to the game. In general, the process and study of game design, or ludology, are efforts to come up with game mechanics that allow for people playing a game to have an engaging, … Read More


When Dan Gorlin wrote Choplifter! in 1986, connecting a joystick to a personal computer was a relatively new idea.,   A big fan of the coin-op arcade game Defender, Dan decided it would be a good idea to let the player save people as well.Gorlin was a seasoned programmer writing AI code for the Rand Corporation, and wanted to build a 3D helicopter simulator … Read More

Upcoming game

Our next game in partnership with Big John Games is getting a lot of buzz!  Our friends at Pure Nintendeo have a little sneak peek for you!  Enjoy.